Hastings Sunrise

1 12 oz Kirschwasser
34 oz Rye
2 t Lemon juice
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
Muddle lemon zest in mixing glass, add ingredients, shake, strain, up
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I'm still really playing

I'm still really playing around with this one, but so far, it's been about an inch wide by about 3 long. I'm trying to come up with something that takes the Kirsch for what it is, but lightens its heavy alcohol nose and the burn... Trying to take it and turn it into a nice, cool sipper, I guess. Riffing on this general idea, I found that adding a small dash of Campari went well with it too.

Definitely something still in the works. I will tame this Kirsch. I will do it.

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I think that sugar would

I think that sugar would reduce proof, tie things together, and help the texture of the drink. Perhaps muddling a sugar cube with the lemon peel, then adding lemon juice and bitters and swirling to dissolve, then the alcohol, ice and shake, strain, up.