2 oz Pisco
3⁄4 oz Sloe gin, Plymouth (This is non-negotiable.)

Build in mixing glass over ice, stir for 30 secs, strain into coupe. No garnish.


Created à la minute March 12 2011. This is a riff on the Manhattan Exposition http://cocktailvirgin.blogspot.com/2011/02/manhattan-exposition.html currently on offer at Deep Ellum in Allston (Boston) MA.

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Rob Marais, Boston MA
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altered recipe
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From other users
  • I love the idea of a stirred pisco cocktail! Pisco and sloe gin is an interesting combo. The execution is solid but feels unremarkable. — ★★★
  • Nothing special. Maybe a way to get rid of cheap Pisco. — ★
  • Very delicate dance, love it for the novel use of both Pisco and Sloe Gin. — ★★★★
  • Interesting. Pisco brandy flavor comes through. Sloe gin not overpowering. Used Vya dry, so lots of bitter botanicals in the background. Good use of Vya. — ★★★
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By the way, using tequila reposado instead of pisco in this drink is just as awesome and takes your sip in another interesting direction, as I'm finding out tonight.

I'm enjoying this a lot, Rob. Nice and grapey, light and refreshing.

Tucker commented on 8/10/2014:

Just tried this along with the Reposado version mentioned (Jalisco Expedition?). Both were very good. Great use of sloe gin. May have even slightly preferred the tequila version.