1 34 oz Rye
23 oz Dry vermouth
1 t Maraschino Liqueur
1 t Cynar
Large orange twist, Stir, Straight Up, Cocktail
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  • Nice. Like a drier Manhattan, lighter on its feet. 3.5, if I could. — ☆☆☆
  • Dry and bitter, in a good way.A bit milk-chocolatey on the swallow. — ☆☆☆
  • I also like this version: — ☆☆☆☆☆
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I had one of these at

I had one of these at Bergamot in Somerville, MA (Boston area) and it was stunning.

In Regarding Cocktails, Chad

In Regarding Cocktails, Chad Solomon claimed credit for this Brooklyn variation. There, the recipe calls for 2 oz rittenhouse, 1 oz dolin dry, 2 t luxardo maraschino, and 1 t cynar.  That's also the recipe.  Perhaps this is more definitive?