2 oz Apple brandy, Black Dirt
3⁄4 oz Orgeat, Tiki Adam's Toasted Orgeat (or honey syrup)
1⁄2 oz Ginger syrup (spicy)
1 spg Mint (as garnish)

Shake, strain over crushed ice in a Collins, garnish, serve with straw.


Black Dirt is a bonded apple brandy with a luscious, full body and a delicious flavor of apple candied with bourbon-y caramel and char. Compared to Laird's bonded, it is less hot and less thin, while the same proof and comparable in age.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Rafa García Febles, NYC.
Is the
author's original creation
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4 stars
(6 ratings)
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  • Fruity and wonderful. — ★★★★
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