1 oz Gold rum (Any Barbados rum style without hogo is good.)
1 oz Batavia Arrack, Van Oosten (This is the hogo you want, not from the rum.)
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
1 bsp Orgeat

Build over ice in mixing glass, stir for 30 secs, strain into large coupe. Play with garnishes, I used pineapple but you could do differently.


Name is Malay for "fruits of arrack".


Thrown together à la minute 4/23/11.

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Rob Marais, Boston MA
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author's original creation
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Wow... a whole ounce of Batavia Arrack. That frightens me about as much as a 3 oz glass of Parfait Amour scares Dan ;)

So funny! This kinda Tiki-ish cocktail serves only if you're "one and done". I'd recoil in horror if I'd had more! Thank Lordy that moderation is a virtue.


Did I ever tell you that I think Batavia Arrack smells like buttered stripper pole?

Depending on one's taste and mood, buttered stripper pole might be fun! You know Zach, one of these days I'm gonna make a batavia arrack cocktail called "Buttered Stripper Pole" just for you!
Speaking of arrack, I hope to try its Pinoy relative lambanog in the Philippines later this year.


Check out the 17th Century cocktail, which I made to get over my fear of Batavia Arrack. I bet that lambanog smells like suntan oil!

Not sure how that lambanog will taste, actually. I've heard that Pinoys flavor lambanog with bubble gum flavoring and such, so I'll have to hunt down the real deal when I get there in November. Last trip there I tried the local rum Tanduay, and the gold stuff is passable in an Old Fashioned variant with calamansi and simple syrup.
I'm thinking of a toddy (or more properly a skin) with batavia arrack...something with arrack, hot water, lemon peel and spiced butter. That will probably be your "Hot Buttered Stripper Pole" =) Stay tuned.