1 bsp Sugar (Muscovado)
1⁄4 oz Water
3⁄4 oz Blended rum, Banks 5 Island
1 twst Orange peel (Navel orange, as garnish)

Place the sugar in an Old Fashioned glass. Add the bitters to the sugar, add the water and 3-4 cubes of ice. Stir briefly to dissolve sugar. Add rums and garnish with a Navel Orange peel.

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Created by
Dominic Venegas, NoMad Hotel
Is an
authentic recipe
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It says to drop "orange and burlesque bitters" on sugar. Is the dash of anejo rum supposed to be Angostura orange bitters?

Fixed this. Changed Anejo rum, Angostura to orange bitters, Angostura to match cited article. Rewrote instructions to avoid copyright infringement.

Hmmm. 1 dash Ango Orange, but 1 drop Bittermen's Burlesque?

I updated the link - the old TOTC one was a 404 error.  Thanks,  Zachary