Carlota's Collapse

1 oz Cynar
12 oz Mezcal
12 oz Elderflower liqueur
1 oz Sweet vermouth, Carpano Punt e Mes
1 bsp Lemon juice
6 ds Orange bitters
1 pn Salt
3 twst Lemon peel
Stir all but twists, strain into rocks glass 1/8th-rimmed with salt, one big rock. Express twists, using one as garnish.
"Mashup of The Search for Deliciousness, Maximilian Affair, and Little Giuseppe"
From other users
  • Love the source drinks and love this too. I feared sweetness but the salt effectively counters it. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Mezcal is nice choice - smokey flavor. Maybe too much cynar? Might try with .75 cynar. — ☆☆☆☆
  • subtle but complex. Made mine with chinato vermouth so it has a cola aftertaste, but I love it! This is one of the best I've tasted in a long time. This is why I keep trying new cocktails. This one is worth it. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • yet to try
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