3⁄4 oz Curaçao, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao
1⁄2 oz Guatemalan rum, Zacapa 23
1⁄4 oz Bénédictine

Build in an old fashioned glass with a large cube, stir, garnish with express lemon peel.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Alex Negranza, Liberty Bar, Seattle
Is an
authentic recipe
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Not yet rated
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While this build is fine (and the people I've made it for tend to enjoy it more than me), it tends to be a little curacao heavy for me, with the sugary sweet Ronnie Zac combining with it to have a strong candied orange note that's a touch off putting.  I like to sub Bigallet China-China for the curacao for a more complex, bitter, less orange forward version.  I imagine Amaro Nonino would work as well.  Also needs a bit more dilution than I normally do (50-60 stir revolutions, so an extra 10-15 is fine), and the expressed lemon peel is a must to cut the sweetness.