2 jig Bourbon, Elijah Craig (Small batch)
1⁄2 jig Amaro Montenegro
1 twst Lemon

Shake with ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a lemon shaving (I use a vegie peeler and just shave the skin without the pith).


A take on the Black Manhattan, splitting the mix with Antica and Montenegro

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Good and certainly not objectionable, but more a 3 than a 4. Bourbon makes this more of a spirit heavy boulevardier riff than black Manhattan riff (rye), although the wormwood bitterness and citrus zest of the Montenegro (plus lemon twist) provide more bitter balance than one might expect from the bourbon base. I admit I am not as keen on Montenegro's floral character compared to other amari.

I didn't shake this, the lack of citrus juice would contraindicate doing so.