1 2⁄3 oz Rum, Bacardi
7⁄8 oz Lime juice
2 bsp Sugar
7 ? Lemongrass (grams)
1 spg Basil

Add to the shaker lemongrass, muddle it. Put into the same shaker BACARDI, raspberry, lime juice and sugar. Stir all until sugar disolved. Put a lot of ice cube and crushed ice and shake virguosly. Open the shaker add basil leaves, stir well and double strain into the chilled glass.

Glass: flute
Garnish: raspberry and basil leaf




Why was this cocktail born in my head? Firstly,it’s because classical daiquiri is one of my favorites. I’m sure that all the optimum in cocktails can be found in the classical ones, and daiquiri ingredients in particular are most suitable to start a new cocktail creation. A number of biggest cities around the world have their own daiquiri varieties, such as Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio…. So what about the Lithuanian version? You can ask what of the ingredients are truly Lithuanian but the central point is Bacardi itself!

Cocktail summary
Lithuanian Daiquiri
©Robertas Janovskis
Created by
Robertas Janovskis, Kaunas, Lithuania
Is an
authentic recipe
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Not yet rated
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Cleaned this up a little - removed "fresh" from the lime juice - we assume juices are fresh squeezed.