Navy Fizz

Nectarines, gin, Campari and rosemary combine in a refreshing summer cooler.
1 12 oz Gin
1 sli Nectarine
2 spg Rosemary (one to muddle w nectarine, one for garnish)
34 oz Campari
34 oz Simple syrup
34 oz Lemon juice
2 oz Soda water (to top)
Muddle nectarine and rosemary with the simple, add remaining ingredients except soda. Shake, strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass, top with soda, garnish.
The result is a harmonious marriage of the nectarine and rosemary. The Campari and Gin add bitter and herbaceous notes, giving it backbone. Though the 3/4 simple may seem generous, the drink is definitely not overly sweet. NOTE: These recipes with muddled fruit work much better with a Boston Shaker and a four prong strainer, with a mesh strainer below as you pour into the glass. A capped cocktail strainer will clog.
From other users
  • Delightful combination of sweet, bitter and herbaceous notes. Perfect refresher and great color to boot. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • refreshing, bright, citrus, — ☆☆☆☆☆
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