Old Sao Paolo

2 oz Cachaça
12 oz Elisir M. P. Roux (or Green Chartreuse)
12   Lime (muddled)
2   Kumquat (muddled)
12 t Simple syrup (if needed)
4 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged
1   Orange peel (as garnish)
Muddle kumquats (or other flavorful orange, skin on) and lime. Add other ingredients except simple syrup. Taste and add simple syrup as needed if kumquats are very sour. Double strain, rocks, lowball glass. Orange zest garnish.
Created for Mixology Monday, August 20, 2010 entitled simply Lime.
Old Sao Paolo
©2010 Kindred Cocktails
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Mixology Monday LI Sept 20, 2010: Lime

The 51st Mixology Monday's theme is lime. Lime? Really? Oh, where to start. Margartita, Daiquiri, Mojito? Gimlet? Caipirinha? Yeah, Caipirinha, that's it. My Old Sao Paolo blends the spicy, assertive flavor of cachaça with the sophisticated herbal flavors of Elisir M. P. Roux. What, you ask, is Elisir M. P. Roux?

Think Green Chartreuse, sort of, but not as secretive. The <a href="http://www.crillonimporters.com/" target="_blank">importer's website</a> openly lists the 14 botanicals: Bitter Almond, Wild Angelica, Balm, Garden Balsam, Cinnamon, Coriander, Damiana, Fennel, Ginseng, Hyssop, Lemon, Marjoram, Nutmeg, and Star Anise.47% ABV. Interesting stuff.

The muddled kumquat (or, in a pinch, a Clementine or other flavorful orange) and lime bring the citrus notes. acid balance, and a bit of oomph from the peel. The Fee's Whiskey Barrel Aged bitters adds a touch of bitter spicy depth. The resulting concoction is sort of a Batida -- a flavored Caiprinha, but with more complexity than one normally expects from Brazil's most famous drink.