3⁄4 oz Suze
3⁄4 oz Ancho Reyes chile liqueur
3⁄4 oz Lemon juice
1 bsp Honey syrup (1:1)

Shake all ingredients, strain into a chilled coupe.


Entry submittal for Suze cocktail contest. Obviously inspired by the Paper Plane, one of my early cocktail crushes after having my first at The Violet Hour in 2008. Couldn't quite pull off the great balance of the original using just 4 equal parts of these ingredients, so I had to cheat and add a bit more sweetener. Named after the John Cougar Mellencamp 80's song "Paper in Fire"

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  • Just doesn't hit for me — ★★★
  • Solid but a little too astringent. Maybe another barsppon of simple? — ★★★★
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4ndr3w commented on 5/07/2019:

I’ve been thinking about and working on iterations of this drink for months. It might be better with a 1/4 oz of mezcal instead of honey syrup? The smokey aspect of the mezcal seems to balance the bitter aspect of the Suze much better.