Raspberry Punch

1 gal Green tea (Mariage Freres Iskandar (violet))
64 oz Pomegranate juice
6   Lemon (Large, Peeled - or 12 small)
48 oz Sugar (Divided)
24 oz Water (Hot)
24 oz Lemon juice (from Lemons above)
24 oz Raspberry syrup
1 oz Lactart (to correct acidity, to taste)
Make an oleo-saccharum: Muddle 24 oz sugar (like Florida Crystals, something coarse) with lemon peels. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit some place warm for 1 hour. Dissolve sugar with hot water, add lemon juice, strain out peels. This can be made a week ahead and refrigerated. Make raspberry syrup: Mash raspberries. Take 12 oz of raspberries, 4 oz water, 24 oz sugar and bring to a boil. Reduce by half. Remove from heat and add 12 more ounces of raspberries. Let rest for 30 minutes and strain, pressing on raspberries to extract all the juice. When you're ready to serve: Add all ingredients to a 3 gallon punchbowl. Correct acidity with Lactart.
A fancy ice ring is nice here - you can use a silicone Bundt pan and freeze raspberries and mint leaves in the ring. A few tablespoons of raspberry eau de vie is nice in the raspberry syrup to add aroma. This punch can be made alcoholic by subbing out 32 oz of green tea and 16 oz of pomegranate juice for alcohol - Rye whiskey might be nice.
Raspberry Punch with decorative ice ring
©Zachary Pearson
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