Santa Rosa

1 12 oz Blanco tequila
12 oz Lemon juice
12 oz Peach liqueur, Combier
14 oz Agave syrup
14 oz Aromatized wine, Cocchi Americano Rosa
Shake, double strain, up.
Originally (incorrectly) written as featuring vin de pêche, a sweetened infusion of peach leaves in wine (usually cheap red wine, sometimes white) served as an aperitif in the south of France.
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  • 20191202 ArteNOM blanco 1549 Vok Peach Liqueur ¼ Lillet Blanc ⅛ Carpano Antica Formula Sweet & complex. Serve icy cold. Soda? — ☆☆☆☆
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That stuff used to be called

That stuff used to be called persico, but peach leaves (as well as pits) are toxic, and dangerous to infuse into alcohol. Maybe half and half white wine and peach liqueur?



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I've solved the mystery. The

I've solved the mystery. The restaurant replied to my photo on Instagram and said that they use Combier peche. So this was an instance of whoever wrote the recipe card writing it incorrectly (Combier calls their product CRÈME DE PÊCHE DE VIGNE and the person transcribing the recipe wrote it as "vin de peche"). I imagine the restaurant staff probably write a few hundred of these recipe cards by hand so an incorrect transcription here and there is to be expected.

That said, actual "vin de peche" sounds interesting, indeed.

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Thank you, Erizzle (let the

Thank you, Erizzle (let the cocktail world at large note that Mr. Witz prefers to go by Erizzle). I've updated accordingly. A reminder that I need to get on Instagram (ugh) where you are by all accounts a pro-follow.