1 oz Light rum
1⁄2 oz Brandy
1⁄2 oz Rye
1⁄2 oz Grenadine
1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
1 twst Lemon zest (as garnish)

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


May be based on the Twelve Miles Out from the Savoy Cocktail Book.

Cocktail summary
Posted by nick on 4/16/2013
Created by
Tommy Millard
Is of
unknown authenticity

Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh. http://rumdood.com/2010/02/01/twelve-mile-limit/

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3.5 stars
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From other users
  • The rye comes through a lot more than the others but it’s not that interesting of a drink
  • Works surprisingly well. Balanced, but with some complexity.
  • Meh. Reminds me of a Scofflaw like but boozier and less coherent.
  • Similar to a Scofflaw.
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Nola commented on 9/26/2013:

Suggested- El Dorado 3 yr or Montoya Platino