1 1⁄2 oz Gin, Beefeater
3⁄4 oz Aromatized wine, Cocchi Americano
1 Brandied cherry (as garnish)

Stir, strain, up.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Rafa García Febles, NYC.
Is the
author's original creation
Not yet rated
3.5 stars
(5 ratings)
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<br />I think a more apt name for "Unfinished Business" would be "Work in Progress." Maybe they mean the same. Regardless, the drink as presented I rate as 3.0. The taste was O.K., but there was no zip (please excuse the professional jargon). I added a dash of Burlesque bitters and a small amount of orange zest, and those two minor changes made a big difference, giving it the missing zip.

I'm going to make this cocktail again, but I'll use a different gin, either The Botanist or St. George's terroir gin. Both bring overtones that are lacking in Beefeater gin. I hope that as others try this cocktail, they'll offer their opinions on "Unfinished Business" and provide suggestions to improve it. It is a cocktail that truly has "Unfinished Business."

The second time around isn't always better. I made "Unfinished Business" once more, five months later, not realizing I had commented on this drink already. However, my thoughts about "Unfinished Business" remain unchanged. Consequently, I rated it 3.0 again.

Two thoughts came to mind the second time around: (1) Use less gin or more Bonal to balance out the taste of the ingredients. As is, the gin overwhelms the other ingredients. Perhaps using a smoother gin, such as Knickerbocker, might help. I added a tad more Boanal, and that resulted in a better tasting drink. (2) Using the previously mentioned bitters plus the orange zest definitely help. There may be a better bitters than Burlesque; suggestions, anybody? I think using Cocchi Vermouth di Torino instead of Cocchi Americano may help. The former has more depth and overtones than the latter--but experience will tell.