1 1⁄2 oz Gin
3⁄4 oz Strega
3⁄4 oz Dry vermouth
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)

Stir; strain; garnish.


Chris Amirault of eGullet found this in a 1937 UK Bartenders' Guild book.

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Picture of Ott's Special
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Jack Powell
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altered recipe
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  • Gives the Strega a stage to shine on.
  • Must try
  • Sophisticated spin on a martini. Maybe a touch too sweet.
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I am not rating the posted cocktail, since I adjusted this from the 1937 Cafe Royale Cocktail Book ratios because I know the period cocktails often run a bit sweet with intense liqueur flavor. I used 2 oz Tanqueray, 1/2 Strega, 1/2 Noilly Prat Extra Dry, 2 dashes Regan's orange bitters, orange twist. This worked for my palate and I would rate it a 4, still substantial sweetness, but showcasing the herbal/botanical character of the Strega (which is similar to the Basque liqueur Izarra Jaune which I am fond of, a bit less sweet than Yellow Chartreuse, with more herbal character.) I will probably try this again with the Izarra to compare.