Ye Olde Quencher

Native rum and plain shrub with seltz over ice, most refreshing in hot weather.
2 oz Rum, Ragged Mountain (Any pot still rum is fine, American even better.)
1 oz Plain shrub (Homemade, any fruit shrub good too.)
2 ds Bitters, Bittermens Burlesque (Any fruit or spice based bitters would do.)
1 spl Seltzer water
Pour ingredients over ice in highball, top with seltzer, stir lightly.
While putting up a batch of cherry shrub, I had some extra shrub base (1 cup demarara sugar, 1 cup rice vinegar, 1 cup cider vinegar) and I was thirsty. American pot still rum and shrub seem to have an affinity, and the effect is tart and utterly refreshing. This seems like a modern version of a Colonial thirst quencher, hence the sappy name. Try with fruit shrubs and different bitters.
Combined and gulped thirstily à la minute on a hot day in June, 2011.
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