Mano Negra

Dark, luscious, tropical, & spicy.
1 12 oz Virgin Islands Rum, Cruzan Blackstrap
1 oz Lemon juice
12 oz Falernum (dark)
14 oz Passion fruit syrup, B.G. Reynolds
1 ds Aphrodite bitters, Dr. Adam Elmegirab
4 dr Jamaican #1 bitters, Bittercube
Shake til frosted with plenty of fresh ice, then dump unstrained into a chilled rocks glass. Optionally, express and discard a lemon peel. Add two or three more drops of Jamaican #1 bitters for aromatics.
A dark and spicy sour with glints of tropical fruit, balanced to a little shy of Tiki sweetness. For a stronger, drier, less molasses-intensive drink, substitute half (or more) of the Black Strap with Lemon Hart 151. Falernum syrup: make Rick from Kaiser Penguin's rich falernum (here: ), but add 1T of medium-roast coffee beans and .5T of pecans and toast them with the other spices. Any homemade should be a fine substitution, as should commercial syrups (e.g. B. G. Reynolds). If using Velvet Falernum, substitute half with allspice dram.
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