Stir over ice, strain.


Slightly bitter, slightly sweet, somewhat like a Manhattan

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Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
Created by
Ben, Drink, Boston, MA
Is an
authentic recipe
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4 stars
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From other users
  • Prefer with 1/2 sweet vermouth and over a large rock — ★★★★
  • Over one large ice cube? Tone down Punte Mes to all equal parts? does well with lemon garnish. Cherry maybe? Barbencourt was used for rhum. — ★★★★
  • On the sweeter side, so I like a little more robust rum substitution.
  • Excellent drink although maybe a little too much like a Manhattan for my taste.
  • Try with 1/2 rum, 1 oz rye next time. Remember 1 dash mole bitters
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Recipes specifically calling for Old Monk are so few and far between, I had to give this one a spin. The full ounce of Punt e Mes beats back most of the rye nuances and even most of the endearing harshness of the Old Monk. Certainly the Bénédictine comes through loud and clear. Successive sips do reveal more of the base spirits' character, but they definitely play a backseat to the Punt e Mes and Bénédictine.

I might need to revisit this one with good old Noily Prat to try to strike a rum/rye/vermouth balance that is more to my liking, but this is one that is worth further reflection and experimentation.

yarm commented on 1/07/2022:

I now work at Drink, and it is made with 1 dash mole bitters and no garnish now as it was back in 2008. As per my blog and per the Drink bar bible. Everything else is a variation.