Stir and Strain.


Approximation of the 2 Cents Cocktail from Mayahuel

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Mayahuel, NYC
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altered recipe
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From other users
  • Really nice, boozy drink with complex notes. Used Ilegal Joven and Hiram Walker Creme de Cacao. Could be interesting to try w/ ancho chili infused vermouth or creme de cacao.
  • Both versions are good, but I prefer the second.
  • Substituted liberally: Punt e Mes and Amaro Nardini for the Creme de Cacao (which adds a hint of mint). Good. The vanilla of the Carpano Antica and true chocolate might be better; not sure.
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Dan commented on 3/25/2012:

I have written the restaurant in the hopes of getting an authentic recipe. I did make this with, uh, liberal substitutions -- Punt e Mes for the Carpano Antica and Amaro Nardini for Creme de Cacao. I enjoyed the cocktail, although I would reduce the Mezcal to keep the smoke in balance, and I can see that more chocolate would be good. Still, a complex and entertaining drink, even with my approximation.

I've actually gone and asked specifically about this recipe.

1 oz. Mezcal, 1/2 oz. Applejack, 1/2 oz. Carpano Antica, 1/4 oz. Creme de Cacao, Barspoon Fernet Branca, dash of Xocolate Mole

J.S-g. commented on 11/20/2016:

Made this using the recipe from Mayahuel, as quoted in the comment above, and really liked it. Will make again. 

I curated this to conform with the newly cited link, which seems like it's closer to the actual recipe than the one we had.  Thanks,  Zachary