Stir all ingredients together over ice. Serve straight up.

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  • Substituted juice/ jelly from non alcoholic cherries
  • Excellent cocktail! Balanced and boozy. Used Dickel Rye, Luxardo.
  • reduce luxardo to1/4 oz. Can use Ramazzotti if short on Averna
  • Fernet Branca can sub for Averna.
  • Lovely! I used CiaCiaro in place of Averna.
  • Rich and boozy. I prefer the Red Hook. — ★★★★
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Used spec ingredients and quantities (Rittenhouse for Rye), stirred w/ice, then served in double rocks glass over a large clear cube. This is a very good riff on a Black Manhattan. Very dark, loads of flavor, semi-sweet but balanced by the bitters in the Averna and Punt e Mes. Baking spice from the Angostura rounds it out. (It would benefit if served with a Luxardo cherry.)