3 oz Coconut rum (Rum Haven made with real coconut water.)
3⁄4 oz Lime juice
1⁄4 oz Jamaican rum, Myers's (optional)

Build over crushed ice in highball, swizzle, add more ice, swizzle, drink with a metal straw.


Bitters and optional Myers can be floated on top for color but better flavor if you swizzle it.

1st version was just 2 oz. Coconut rum, falernum, lime and bitters.

2nd version upped the coconut rum, added Allspice dram and Myers.

3rd version cut out the Myers (took away from the coconut flavor) but added an optional 1/4 oz. if you want less coconut and a darker color. 2nd version is best.


I stupidly bought some coconut rum and had to make something palatable out of it that didn't taste like suntan lotion. I like swizzles, so this was my solution. I like it!

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  • Updated this - better and more complex with a bit of allspice dram and some Myers (optional), but lost the coconut flavor so I had to up the coconut rum - It's really boozy now, more like a coconut zombie. Cocozombie?
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