Stir, strain, orange peel garnish


This tastes like a persimmon to me. Am I crazy?

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  • I definitely got the persimmon.
  • Must make
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Dan commented on 4/12/2012:

Wow, that sounds like a nice cocktail. I finally finished my bottle of Bianco. I wonder if Bonal Gentiane-Quina could be substituted? I love JM Blanc. I need to find another bottle.


Bonal isn't substitutable for any vermouth - it's more like Cocchi Americano + Oloroso sherry.



bza commented on 4/12/2012:

Hmm, that might be on the sweeter side, but I think as a separate drink it could work. Or maybe half bonal/half dry vermouth? Bianco is great for a handful of drinks (especially Eyeore's Requiem) but not as versatile as regular sweet/dry vermouths.

They have JM Blanc at liquor world in Porter. It's the best white rhum agricole for cocktails, I think, as it's assertive but not INSANE like some of the others I've had, like the Duquesne bottle I have that is awesome but completely overpowers any other ingredients.

Dan commented on 12/21/2012:

Still no bianco, so I made this with dry vermout h. Very nice and not, to my taste, too dry. I'm not sure about the persimmon, but it's a fruity drink with no strong fruit ingredient.

bza commented on 12/22/2012:

This is one of the few drinks I've made up that I go back to on a regular basis - basically whenever I have a bottle of bianco open. I'll have to try it with dry vermouth - actually, dry vermouth and rhum agricole makes a lot of sense to me, although that's a dry starting point for any cocktail.