2 sli Lemon (muddled)
1⁄2 oz Bénédictine
1⁄2 oz Agave syrup
1⁄2 oz CioCiaro (float)
2 sli Lemon (halved, dusted with nutmeg, as garnish)

Muddle 2 lemon wheels with bitters, shake all but amaro, double strain, iced double old fashioned, float amaro, garnish

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 4/23/2011
Created by
Jeremiah Blake, Holland House Bar & Refuge, Nashville, TN
Is an
authentic recipe

Imbibe Magazine, March/April 2011, p. 43

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4.5 stars
(20 ratings)
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From other users
  • less avave.
  • Darker, but light cocktail. Great for a summer evening.
  • Like a grown-up whiskey sour. 1/4 oz agave would be plenty, unless you like it sweet. Amaro sinks to bottom; may be better incorporated, rather than floated. Garnish is lovely. Used Wathen's bourbon. — ★★★★★
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Subbed out a few things - got good results: used B&B rather than Benedictine and Agave. Swapped the Whiskey Bitters for Grapefruit bitters, and used Averna as the amaro of choice. Sipping delight.

This is a brilliant drink, 5/5 for me. I followed the previous suggestions and incorporated the CioCiaro into the drink and used .25 oz simple syrup since I had no agave. My lemon slices were pretty thick, and I couldn't resist adding a couple dashes of rhubarb bitters. I used Bulleit bourbon.