Doctor Funk (Trader Vic)

2 12 oz Jamaican rum (dark, or sub Martinique)
12 oz Lemon juice
14 oz Grenadine
14 oz Herbal liqueur, Pernod (or Herbsaint)
1   Lime
14 t Sugar
1 oz Club soda (to top)
Add everything over crushed ice in a shaker. Cut lime in half, juice it into the shaker, drop in shells. Shake and pour unstrained into a 12 ounce chimney glass. Top with club soda.
Ok, first: Vic calls this a punch. Second, I made this with an ounce of Plantation Jamaica 98 and 1.5 oz of St. James Hors d'Age - Vic probably had access to good rum. Third, I'm guessing this is a small lime. Fourth, it's sort of non-descript. Absinthe dominates.
There really was a Doctor Funk, who was famous in the South Pacific whose "fame has spread, not as a healer, but as a dram decocter...". Evidently the original was a "stiff drink of absinthe with lemonade or limeade". Frederic O'Brien, "White Shadows in the South Seas", 1920, pg. 171
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