Drink Lab #16

2 oz Brandy, Germain-Robin
34 oz Orgeat
34 oz Cherry Liqueur, Sangue Morlacco
12 oz Lemon juice
10 dr Bitters, Bittermens Burlesque
1 twst Lemon peel
Shake, strain, lemon twist garnish
I picked up Sangue Morlacco, Luxardo's fabulous cherry liqueur today, and made this with it. It's a bit muddled in the midpalate - the lemon probably needs to be 1/2, and I'm tempted to sub orgeat for the Bonal (almond + cherry is an easy match)
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christina in tacoma's picture

I feel so understocked, and

I feel so understocked, and this looks so good. I have american fruits sour cherry cordial and clear creek cherry liqueur. Would either of those work here? And no Burlesque bitters, but I have rhubarb...

christina in tacoma's picture

I just made a batch of

I just made a batch of orgeat, and the cherry almond combination was calling to me. I had to do a lot of substituting: courvoisier cognac, clear creek cherry liqueur, and I used my spanish bitters since I don't have the burlesque. My approximation tastes pretty good, slightly bitter cherry with subtle almond in the background- though I'm curious to know if I'm even in the right flavor neighborhood at this point.