Combine in mixing glass over ice, stir for 30 secs, strain into coupe.


Homemade using base of 16 oz each demarara sugar, rice vinegar & cider vinegar.

Nice showcase for the Bulleit, which is wonderfully green and grassy for a rye. The cherry shrub gives sharp top notes along with cherry umami to moderate the bitter Punt e Mes.

Did your Dad ever add juice from the the jar of "maraschino" cherries to his manhattan? This cocktail mimics that but in a much more satisfactory way. If this drink evokes anything, perhaps it would be the guileless cocktail culture of the 50's when my Dad learned to mix drinks.


As this was being fused into being à la minute 6/25/11, "How High the Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford came onto the iPod. To me it was a happy coincidence.

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Created by
Rob Marais, Boston MA
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