Jane's Sour

A somewhat bitter-sweet-smokey sour. Perfect for those cool springtime wee hours.
1 oz Mezcal, Tlacuache Blanco (Vanilla infused)
12 oz Cynar
12 oz Crème de Figue, Edmond Briottet
34 oz Lime juice
13 oz Egg white
2 dr Bitters, Angostura
Dry Shake all ingredients save the Angostura to a frenzied froth. Add your ice and re-shake to desired dilution and temperature. Double strain into a coupe and add two dots of angostura on top of the egg white foam, drawing curved lines with a slim straw or tooth pick.
A proper vanilla infusion occurs by splitting 2-4 pods lengthwise and placing them in an air tight jar filled with smokey mezcal. Tlacuache is readily available at the ol' LC in Toronto, and it's a prime candidate. Check in on it here and there, and be patient. A good deal of time and a keen eye will yield the best results.
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