Klaus Kinski

34 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100
34 oz Jamaican rum, Appleton Estate V/X
34 oz Amaro Nardini
34 oz Campari
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)
Stir, strain, rock, twist.
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This drink, Klaus Kinski, as

This drink, Klaus Kinski, as is, I rated as 3.5. The ingredients blend together OK, but the overall taste is somewhat flat and definitely "heavy." It needs a contrasting flavor, so I added two dashes of blood orange bitters, but the other ingredients overwhelmed the flavor of the bitters. I decided, then, that what is needed is a zest from a citrus fruit, I added grapefruit zest, and it was helpful. Next time, I'm going to try orange or lemon (maybe Meyer Lemon zest). If anyone else comes up with a better solution, be sure to write a comment, I'd like to hear from others who have "fiddled" with this cocktail. Thanks.