Orange peel, Stir, Straight Up, Cocktail


A Brazilian's take on a Negroni, perhaps.

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
Created by
Unknown. Possibly Joy Richard, Franklin Southie, Boston, MA
Is of
unknown authenticity
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4 stars
(7 ratings)
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From other users
  • For me, the Campari overran the other ingredients. A bit of a metallic taste. Comte de Sureau (Morgenthaller) is a more accessible drink in the same vein. — ★★★
  • Fabulous. — ★★★★
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I don't think I've ever had another drink that brought out the "grapey-ness" of sweet vermouth so amazingly. Insanely delicious against the bitter Campari. I'm guessing the cachaca is is doing something to showcase the other flavors. 5/5.