Martinez (Dry Variation)

Thought to be the forerunner of the Martini
1 oz Old Tom Gin
1 oz Dry vermouth
3 ds Maraschino Liqueur
2 ds Orange bitters
Stir, strain, up, cocktail, olive or cherry garnish
Can sub Orange Curacao for the Maraschino, but Maraschino is more interesting. Weirdly enough, Vermeire says "This is a Manhattan with gin for the rye", and then proceeds to specify French (dry) vermouth instead of sweet vermouth.
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Curated this. I found an

Curated this. I found an attribution (see the link), which may be the first in print citation of a Martinez being gin and dry vermouth. For the purists, the recipe cites 1/4 gill ea of Old Tom and French vermouth, which is a small cocktail. Reverted recipe to the original, added creator and source information.