1 oz Gin, Plymouth
2 ds Orange bitters (or 3)
2 ds Maraschino Liqueur (or 3)
2 ds Absinthe

Stir, strain into a coupe, olive garnish.


So... an improved dry Martini. Yes, it's small. The Savoy has this as 1/2 Plymouth and 1/2 dry vermouth, so feel free to play with the volume. The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book (1935) has this as 2/3 Holland Gin (Genever) and 1/3 sweet vermouth, with a dash of Angostura bitters, which is weird - they didn't get it from Duffy.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Harry Johnson
Is an
authentic recipe

Harry Johnson's Bartender's Manual, 1934 ed. pg. 268

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In a few days, I'm going to consolidate the other Turf Cocktail into this one - effectively making this the canon version of the drink. Let me know if you want to save the other one - this is correct as per the Harry Johnson and Savoy books.