Monkey Gland (Palatable)

1 12 oz Gin
12 oz Orange juice
12 oz Lime juice
12 oz Triple sec
14 oz Raspberry syrup
1 ds Absinthe
1 ds Bitters, Angostura
Shake, strain, up.
Cocktail revivalists have long lamented the tendency of the venerable Monkey Gland to resist palatability. To the modern palate, the standard Monkey Gland recipe—gin, some dashed absinthe and raspberry syrup, and a heaping helping of orange juice, justly called by Dan Chadwick the "fruit of cocktail death"—registers as an unbalanced, overly sweet mishmash of discordant flavors, lacking structure or shame. But with a bit of modern tinkering—adding some acid here, dashing complementary bitters there, replacing orange juice with orange liqueur—we arrive at something with the zippy acidity and bright citrus flavors of a... well, we arrive at a Pegu Club, with some berry juice and an absinthe rinse. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good thing. Enjoy.
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