New York Sour (Cognac)

2 oz Cognac
34 oz Orange juice
34 oz Lemon juice
2 t Sugar (superfine)
12 oz Red wine (dry, as float)
Shake, strain, straight up, chilled coupe, float wine.
Use a rich VSOP such as Pierre Ferrand Ambre, Rémy Martin VSOP, or Hennessy Black
Originally a rye-based cocktail
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Thanks to an observant user,

Thanks to an observant user, we've noticed that David Wondrich in Imbibe has research this cocktail as being rye, not cognac, based. Accordingly I've changed the title and will add the original New York Sour as a distinct recipe. I've also removed the copyrighted image as I believe it was posted without permission and shrunk the instructions to conform to our style guidelines. Thanks for the submission.