3⁄4 oz Agave syrup
3⁄4 oz Lime juice
3 oz Grapefruit soda, Izze
2 ds Grapefruit bitters, Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters
1 Lime (Wheel, as garnish)
1 pn Salt (Chipotle salt, on rim [see Notes])

Shake without Izze soda vigorously for 10 seconds, strain into an iced Collins glass with a Chipotle Salt, top with Izze soda.. Garnish with a lime wheel.


For the Chipotle-pink salt, use 1 cup Margarita salt and 3 Tbs powdered Chipotle. Mix well and keep in a dry container for up to 6 months.

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Scott Diaz, Seattle, WA
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Curated this - fixed soda name (Izze). Renamed the drink Paloma Sour, as this has lime juice and a sweetener that are not canonical.