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Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
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Dan Chadwick
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  • Beautiful drink and a a nice use of pear eau-de-vie. I also made this with a quince (coing) e-d-v which was astringent but delicious. Probably better, in fact. — ★★★
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I used J pear liqueur (60 proof) and not true eau de vie. Quite tasty, indeed; the maraschino didn't have a chance to dominate. Powerful sweet. The only real drawback I can see is the risk of diabetes. 4/5.

Dan commented on 4/02/2012:

Yes, I would not substitute Pear Liqueur without re-designing the drink. It would be way too sweet for the amount of acid, and would overpower the other flavors, since Pear Eau-de-vie was a much more subtle flavor.

Tucker commented on 3/28/2015:

Not bad but the maraschino dominated some for us and as such the ginger and lemon juice were a little lost. Would probably tweak the ratios a bit. Beautiful color.