Stir, strain into old fashioned glass with a large cube or sphere. Garnish with an expressed orange swath.

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Berkshire Room, Chicago, IL
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authentic recipe
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4 stars
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  • Made with Ritt, Nuestra Soledad, Amer Sauvage. Lucano Anniversario. Enjoyably challenging. Mezcal nicely contributes more vegetal spiciness than smoke. Well balanced.
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yarm commented on 7/16/2020:

Weird that a bar would name a drink that considering that Nicholas Jarrett's Prizefighter from 2010 is well known enough to made the Mr. Boston's Official Bartender's Guide in 2012 and to have been made in countless bars across the country. Then again, I did see a new Little Italy recipe in the past year that was not Audrey Saunders'...

I think this may come down to regional influences; I would hazard to guess the 2010 Prizefighter is not particularly well known in Chicago.  The Berkshire Room is considered one of the best cocktail bars in the city, and has a pretty seasoned crew (or at least had, who knows now).  Though my home is Chicago, I was lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time in NYC and SF over the past decade plus, so I was exposed to more regional favorites than most.

I'm not sure just because a drink is included in Mr. Boston's Guide (especially the 2012 version) it follows that it's particularly well known.  I just paged through the 2012 version again just now, and there are quite a few modern drinks (those attributed to a person, city & state) that I might have heard in passing at one point but wouldn't be able to tell you anything about them (like even what the base was), as well as some I just flat out had never heard of before.  And quite a few of them aren't posted here at KC for instance, let alone included in something like Robert Simonson's Modern Classics app.

The regional reach of certain cocktails (and not much beyond their home base for whatever reason) is interesting.  For instance, I was shocked to find that no one had posted here at KC the recipes for the Weston and Old Money, possibly the two most popular modern cocktails created in Chicago (so I posted them in 2019).  They were both created at The Berkshire Room by Benjamin Schiller, have been on the permanent menu of just about every bar or restaurant operated by the hospitality group that owns the bar because they are top sellers, and have been written up in the local press on numerous occasions over the years.  But it doesn't appear that they are very well known outside of the Chicago area.