Stir with ice for 30 seconds, strain into chilled coupe or Nick & Nora glass, garnish with orange peel


The chocolate bitters and orange peel are additions by Frank Caiafa. He uses a housemade cocoa bitters (2 parts housemade citrus bitters or Regan's Orange Bitters to 1 part cacao nibs, infused for 3 weeks) and recommends Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters as a substitute. I used 2 dashes Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters and 1 dash Regan's Orange Bitters.


Originally published in "Café Royal Cocktail Book", William J. Tarling, United Kingdom Bartenders Guild, 1937

Cocktail summary
Created by
Frank Caiafa, Peacock Alley, Waldorf-Astoria, New York, NY
Is an
authentic recipe

"The Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book," Frank Caiafa, Penguin Books, 2016

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From other users
  • Used 1 oz Espolpon reposado tequila, 1.25 oz Hayman Old Tom gin, 1 oz Contratto bianco vermouth, 1 dsh Regan's orange bitters, and 2 dsh Fee Bros Aztec chocolate bitters. Also expressed orange peel. Light but complex. Rate: 4.0
  • Nice combo of the reposado and bitters. I like it. Perhaps it could be improved a bit by adjusting the Old Tom? — ★★★★
  • Made with Lunazul, Dolin, Scrappys/Regans. Some nice floral tones but also an almost fernet-like medicinal quality.
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