2 oz Gin, Beefeater
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
1⁄2 oz Simple syrup
7 ds Orange bitters (50/50 Fee's & Regan's)

Shake & strain, up, old fashioned glass.

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Posted by bevx on 7/15/2013
Created by
Don Lee, Ssäm Bar, NYC
Is an
authentic recipe

"Bitters" by Brad Thomas Parsons, p. 181

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  • Too bitter heavy. — ★★
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Just made this for the first time and really enjoyed it. It is nicely balanced--refreshing but with a weighty bitterness. I accidentally misread the ingredients and used a 50/50 mix of angostura orange and Fee's Orange. Will have to try as directed next time. I wonder what would be a better garnish--a lime twist or an orange twist?

bevx commented on 9/06/2013:

There was no garnish mentioned (or pictured), so I usually skip it. But maybe a flamed orange peel?... As far as the orange bitters, I usually do 4 dashes of Regan's and 3 of Fee's Gin Barrel-Aged, although 7 dashes of Bitter Truth is equally delightful.

We've been making these for a couple of years, found the recipe in the book "Bitters" by Brad Thomas Parsons. Delicious drink with an outrageous amount of bitters! When I garnish it, I usually use a lime wedge. But, these drinks don't last long!

Duh just noticed your attribution to the Parsons' book.

I've made it w/ a London style per the recipe, but I'm a big fan of it w/ an American style gin--like Small's. It gives the cocktail a softer flavor. Also, Bittercube's Orange Bitters are better (IMO) than the Regan's/Fee's recomendation