1 1⁄2 oz Blended Scotch
3⁄4 oz Spiced Rum, Wigle
1⁄2 oz Averna
1⁄4 oz Crème de Cacao

Build over a big cube of ice in a rocks glass. Gently swirl.


I feel like the Wigle spiced rum is pretty essential, as it's easily the best spiced rum I've ever had. Even better if you have the oaked version.


I wanted a different after-dinner drink with scotch.

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Posted by laerm on 10/23/2017
Created by
Micah Stupak-Hahn, Brooklyn, NY
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author's original creation
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3.5 stars
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  • Made with cheap brands of rum and cacao. Cola syrup, Kahlua taste. Warming. — ★★★
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