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Here is a rich and fruity sour with a hearty dash of clove courtesy of the English Bishop.
1 oz Reposado Tequila, Los Arango
23 oz English Bishop (see note)
23 oz Amaro Nonino
23 oz Lemon juice
Place all ingredients in a tin and shake with ice until they have properly married. Double strain into a coupe and enjoy!
I have no formal training in English Bishop production, however I've found this version to be a delightful partner in crime when designing drinks for the winter time. Take 1 orange and stud its flesh with the desired amount of whole clove. Bake the poor fruit in an even tempered oven (around 300 degrees) for about 45 minutes, or until the skin is a nice toasty brown and your apartment smells like christmas. Here's where I deviate from tradition a little. Simply quarter the orange with its cloves intact, and place the segments in a large mason jar along with a bottle of ruby port (e.g. Sandeman), a cinnamon stick or two, and a vanilla pod split down its frame. You may toast your spices for optimal fragrance, and add clove as the infusion matures if desired. It's a wonderful bit of sleight of hand that will leave your friends or customers guessing as to where these incredible flavours are coming from.
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  • Need to make that bishop thing.
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Curated this slightly,

Curated this slightly, changed the English Bishop, Sandeman's Ruby Port to Ruby Port, Sandeman's, with a note that the ingredient is English Bishop.