Stir, strain into an ice filled old fashioned glass. Garnish with expressed orange peel.

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Created by
Carey Jones & John D. McCarthy, Food & Wine
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authentic recipe
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Not yet rated
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Hadn't made one of these in awhile and kinda forgot what it tasted like, so I just mixed one up.  Surprisingly it wasn't as bitter as I would have thought, and not at all overpowering.  I actually found it a bit sweet with 1/2 oz 1:1 syrup, I'd probably go with either 1/3 oz 1:1 syrup or 1/4 oz 2:1 rich syrup.  But if you want those classic Ango flavors in a stirred drink, it's a good way to go.  Might also be interesting to try with Smith & Cross / Rum Fire / Stolen Overproof or an Appleton / overproof split for the rum base.