Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

My funky Daiquiri cross of the Periodista with parts of the Havana Cocktail. Named after a book about one of the most unruly ports in the Caribbean -- Port Royal in Jamaica.
1 12 oz Rum (White Overproof Jamaican)
12 oz Swedish Punsch
12 oz Apricot liqueur
12 oz Lime juice
1 sli Lime (as garnish)
Shake with ice, strain into a cocktail coupe, and garnish with a lime wheel.
After spotting the Coronian with apricot and Swedish punsch in the Café Royal Cocktail Book, I took the flavors in a Daiquiri direction. Starting with the form of the Periodista, but instead of orange liqueur in the Periodista, I opted for Swedish punsch that I first discovered worked rather well with the punsch in the Havana Cocktail and for overproof Jamaican rum as the base spirit. As a name, I called this one the Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea after a book on the most unruly of Caribbean ports, old Port Royal in Jamaica.
FRY 2020
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Had two out of work bartender

Had two out of work bartender friends over for some happy hour cocktails and we decided to give this a whirl.  Since the brands weren't specified here, I'll note that we tried this with Wray & Nephew and Rothman & Winter.  We all liked it, I thought it was sort of in "The Defend Arrack" vein.  Definitely balanced for the industry / cocktail nerd crowd, so I also tried it using .75 oz instead of .5 oz for the acid and modifiers, and we all thought that was an improvement--rounded off the rough edges of the rum's rubbery funk and petrol notes, with less of a boozy balance, and as one put it, "just made it more daiquiri-esque".

The brands are those indeed

The brands are those indeed and specified in the blog link. I love R&W apricot because it doesn't taste fake (natural + aroma chemicals added) like some major brands can. And while this was Wray & Nephew, using Rum Fire, Rum-Ba, or similar would be perfect here too I'm sure. I didn't fine tune the citrus level since it felt fine to me -- Swedish punsch is half sweet, apricot is full sweet, and the spirit is overproof and rough, so my calculation was 1/2 oz lime.