Mix all in a Shaker and shake vigorously. Serve over ice in your favorite glass to put ice in.


Ingredients and name are from Denson in DC. The cocktail conceptions were good, but the bartender that might must have been a sub or something, as the proportions on two different cocktails were all wrong. This one, as served, tasted overwhelmingly of allspice dram. Obviously no proportions were given on the menu, so the proportions are mine, and I enjoyed my preparation far more than that served to me, but I was aiming for something I enjoyed, not something that was originally served to me. I used Gosling's Black Seal, Liber & Co. Orgeat, and St. Elizabeth's for the pimento dram.


A variant on the Lion's Tail.

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Created by
Denson, D.C.
Is an
altered recipe

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