1 oz Madeira (Finest Medium Rich)
1 oz Haitian Rum, Barbancourt 8
34 oz Madeira (Rainwater)
12 oz Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Heering
14 oz Simple syrup (piloncillo syrup, see note)
1 bsp Bitters, Bittermens New Orleans Coffee (about 2 droppers)
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)
1 sli Chili pepper (fresh, like a Cayenne - as garnish)
Stir, strain, garnish. For the garnish, cut a swath of orange peel, slit it down the middle and fit a thin strip of chile into the slit. It should just give a bare heat to the drink.
I'm using Henriques and Henriques for the Madeira. For the piloncillo syrup, melt a cone of piloncillo sugar in sufficient water and simmer until dissolved. Cool slightly and strain into a squeeze bottle. Preserve with a bit of vodka.
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