Don's Little Bitter

1 oz Rum, Barbancourt (8 yr)
12 oz Fernet Branca
12 oz Lemon juice
12 oz Simple syrup
14 oz Bitters, Angostura
18 oz Peychaud's Bitters
18 oz Orange bitters, Angostura orange
Shake with ice and double strain into a coupe glass.
From other users
  • Really nice. Strong Angostura. Surprisingly, it needed the simple. Made again with Barbancourt; better with Clement VSOP. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Augie had at Drink June 2016
  • Cut back the Angostura a bit, and served this down (chilled glass, no rocks) as the link suggests as an option. The medicinal aspects of the fernet are strong. Interesting. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Nice cocktail; I will make again. Reminds me in some ways of an industry sour. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Subbed agave for the simple syrup and used a quarter of the amount - not enough as it turned out. — ☆☆☆☆
  • This is one smooth cocktail. Made with Appleton 12 and dark simple. — ☆☆☆☆
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Made this tonight for Repeal

Made this tonight for Repeal Day, and I'm wondering where it's been all my life. I subbed St. James Hors d'Age for the Barbancourt. Weirdly enough, the Ango Orange drives this cocktail - it's got a strong bitter orange peel/vitamin aroma and flavor, but considering all the bitter in this, it is only mildly so. This is really delicious stuff. 



Finally got around to trying

Finally got around to trying this. Excellent, although I think it can use more rum. I used 2 oz, unless I measured wrong (which is possible).

Made again. Don't use more

Made again. Don't use more rum, at least not more Barbancourt. It results in a flatter cocktail. Consider less Angostura and more of the other bitters as it dominates.

This is amazing. It's complex

This is amazing. It's complex yet refreshing. I used Fee Bros Orange instead of the Angostura orange. Not sure how different they are. Also, per Dan's recommendation, I used a teaspoon each of the 3 bitters.