Manhattan Cocktail No. 1 (Savoy)

1 oz Rye
1 oz Dry vermouth
1 oz Sweet vermouth
2 ds Maraschino Liqueur (or curacao)
3 ds Bitters, Angostura (or Boker's)
Shake, strain, straight up, claret glass.
"If preferred very sweet add two dashes of gum syrup."
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The proportions are right -

The proportions are right - the Savoy calls for 1 wineglass (=2 oz) "Mixed" vermouth and 1 pony (=1 oz) rye whiskey, along with 2 dashes of Maraschino (or curacao) and 3 dashes Angostura. Jerry Thomas omits the "Mixed" from the vermouth (weirdly enough, it doesn't specify sweet or dry), and calls for "bitters".

Ooh loved this! Had to do a 1

Ooh loved this! Had to do a 1:1 mixture of dry and blanc Dolin as it was all I had. One dash Fee brothers whiskey barrel bitters, 2 dashes Fee orange bitters. One Maraschino cherry, "if preferred v sweet add some maraschino cherry goo" ;-) YUM!