1 1⁄2 oz Old Tom Gin
1 1⁄2 oz Sweet vermouth
2 ds Bitters, Boker's (or angostura)
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)

Stir, strain, cocktail, orange twist


Some recipes call for dashes of Maraschino instead of the 1/4 ounce here. It is better to add sweetness or remove it by altering the Maraschino than the sweet vermouth.

The "Martinez Special" as made by Andy Arrington is 3:2 Ransom Old Tom : Carpano Antica, with 1 t Luxardo Maraschino and 2 dashes of Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters, and no garnish.

The T Martinez, and made by "T" of Bergamot in Somerville, MA is 1 oz each Gin and Carpano Antica, with 1 teaspoon Campari, and a dash each of Regans' Orange and Peychaud's.

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Created by
O.H. Byron, "Modern Bartender's Guide"
Is an
authentic recipe

The PDT Cocktail Book, pg 173

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From other users
  • 4/26/20: 1.5 oz Ransom, 1.5 oz Dolin, 0.25 oz Luxardo, 1 dash Ango, 1 dash Regan's orange, orange peel. This drink may be salvageable with London dry gin. I just do not like old tom gin.
  • 3:2 Gin:Vermouth
  • 2:1 gin to vermouth
  • Prefiro 2:1 com licor e Angostura de laranja
  • 04/20/18 - Made this with 1.5 oz. Ransom Old Tom, 1.5 oz. Cocchi di Torino, and 2 dash Angostura. Awesome flavor combination. The orange peel gives the nose a great profile.
  • Prefer 2:1 gin to vermouth
  • 3 ds orange bitters, 1 both gin, 2 carpano antica, 1/4 maraschino liqueur, stir, strain, orange garnish.
  • Original version is 2-1 vermouth to gin. This is a nice drink but very sweet.
  • The Antica and orange twist dominate, not unhappily. The "T" variation is good; strong cinnamon flavor on the finish.
  • 2:1 vermouth to gin is more historically accurate according to Wondrich. Regan goes 2:1 gin to vermouth making it more of a sweet martini.
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